Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: Overland

Author: Mark Stephen Levy

Format: paperback

Language: English

 250 pages

 98 rps

Publishers: Zorba Publishers (Gurgaon)

ISBN Number: 9788192066936, 978-8192066936

About the book:

A travelogue or a chronicle of an adventurous journey- a love story or simply a tale running across continents, if you are willing to look at Mark Stephen Levy’s “Overland” through my eyes- I would end up telling you—it is a book that says it all. Any book that makes you move through the shelves of your book almirah- is bound to be considered a good one- simply because you are spending more time with it. It leads you to commit yourself to voluntary reference work.
It is when a relationship dies abruptly- you feel the urge to either run after it to give it “the last try”- or run away from yourself to revive your broken heart. Was that the case for Danny Benson of Mark Stephen Levy’s “Overland”? Was Heather truly his destined partner for this life and beyond? She might have not shared the dreamy fiasco Danny had in mind- or else even in the rustic settings of a crude, war torn, opium growing country Danny would have never found the reason to listen to calls of his ailing heart- he would never have approved of Emily’s presence, her lingering thought, she sagacity having an euphoric effect on him. What goes away returns stands true- the old saying- or else would Danny ever end up meeting Emily at all?
You might have seen your Doctors of make shift hospitals falling in love- but in Mark Stephen Levy’s “Overland” love carrying you across countries- making you perform the unbelievable- at least reminding me of Khaled Hosseini’s , The Kite Runner and several of “Pamuk’s rendition. It is a journey wrapped in a colored paper that smells of thrill, with images of distant spices flavored in the colors of eternal pursuit and the final getting tied into a knot of a “scarf”. Am I sounding mysterious- that’s what the novel has to do with.
The story carries two possible sub plots- though the author might have skipped talking about one—leaving it mid way incomplete and seems to have been blown away by the surging tide of the other. Sergeant Jason Benson could have played a more vital role in the plot rather than being kept around the periphery of the main story just for establishing a flashback present time story line. Honestly speaking, I simply loved the capturing interest in the episodes stored of the Sergeant and did commit the Divine crime of flipping through the book- just to read and sigh- “What happens to The Jason?” For all those still disappointed fans of Jason- Mark has promised a sequel dedicated to him.

About the author:

Mark Stephen Levy mined certain portions of his traveling adventures from his own love story which was partly the inspiration for his first novel, Overland. He met his wife, Eliane, originally from France, while on a camel safari in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India. They have been married for 25 years and have a 19 year-old daughter, Celine. His two year round-the-world journey included all throughout Europe, Morocco, India, Nepal, Tibet and China.
Mark was born and raised in Los Angeles for so many years, then moved to Denver, Colorado (US) with his family 15 years ago.

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