Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Review: Entrapped

Author: Sneha Kedar      

Format: Paperback         

Language: English


Price: 125/-

Publishers: Cedar Books (Pustak Mahal imprint)

ISBN Number: 8122312462 

About the Book: 

My Entrapped had got kidnapped and thanks to the budding author – Sneha Kedar- my niece preferred getting caught in the maze of her alternate universe rather than returning the book to me!! It is a dream tale talking to you- that too when you have been made to pass through some waterfall and been inducted to a High School- you had the least inking about!
What made the child fiction series a hit- was the ongoing gripping tales- keeping a bunch of teenagers the common factors and throwing them into a new action packed adventure in every fresh story. Even if you are considering the one book tale of fantasy fiction- they will have the same clues and the same kind of keys to solve the puzzle. Interestingly, I was looking for a fresh clue with a new looking key thrown into a pond of the flaming “Entrapped” – and was happy to find the Faes and their god mothers fighting witches. Indeed it is some quite unexpected in the Indian scenario- where our fables and legends tend to influence young minds and are picked up with the belief that they will buy more readers even beyond the age bar. Once a grandmother like lady had mentioned that she preferred reading out new versions of “Bikram and Betal” rather than “the innocent “Peter Pan” to her knee size grand children. She reasoned –“That peter is up to nothing better and our Betal is at least educating.” Sneha’s “Entrapped” is not aligned to be too preachy- yet with it’s subtly the book triumphs at educating young minds that ways to analyze their personal life with settings quite similar to the era they beyond to. If it’s a teen targeted book- you should keep few pages for the teenie weenie love tale- and the void is well managed by Ryan Swift. Myra Bose is introduced without much ado- something I appreciated. The other characters like Carrie, Lona, Spark, Sera and Jack and portrayed categorically- with nuances to their attributed reveals gradually as the plot progresses.

I don’t mind picking up a book that is less punctuated with heavy words, less influential and least hyped yet powerful and poignant- after all- you are going through fan fiction texts even the crazy scribbling enthusiasts from the high school and the colleges are writing out their own versions of popular stories with a guild of conceptual theories of their own making.  Thus, Sneha Kedar’s “Entrapped” begins with a bright promise.

About the author: 

Sneha Kedar was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharastra. She is a graduate in Information Technology. Right now, she is pursuing her Masters in Computer Application from Mumbai University. 

She is an avid reader and active blogger. She always enjoyed reading paranormal novels, which inspired her to pen down her debut novel, which is also a paranormal fiction. Few of her articles were published in India's leading newspaper, DNA.
Know more about her at – http://snehakedar.blogspot.com 
or contact her at sneha.kedar13@gmail.com

Further Details:
Fan Page : EntrappedNovel
Official Website : snehakedar.blogspot.com

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