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Book Review: Gestures: miscalculated poetries by misunderstood Poets

Author: Yaseen Anwer, Heena Ansari, Nikhil Sharma, Rinzu Rajan & Swati Sevlani

Format: Paperback 
Language: English
Pages: 89
Price: Rs. 200
ISBN Number: 978-81-8253-251-9

about the book:

If the seniors by age are talking about philosophy and politics—the tender minds question the most powerful force ruling all forms of live- “Love”. From romantic inclination to unconditioned affection- their taunt pens grow serious while digging into the deepest realms of growing quest for ultimate answers to emotions less expressed and more felt within.

Today’s random poetry is penned down by youngsters who find verse either rhythmic or free- an affordable medium to express their mind. Presently I am speaking about Yaseen Anwer, Heena Ansari, Nikhil Sharma, Rinzu Rajan and Swati Sevalani.
Gestures- miscalculated poetries by misunderstood poets, is the team’s collaborate venture that was an extension of Poet’s corner.
“Poet’s corner is the brain child of a group of young dynamic wordsmiths conquered by the quill. Their aim is to master the art and to take it to a level of grave those appeals to both the laymen and poets in likelihood.”
-          Quoted from the book.
Yassen Anwer makes it clear enough- ‘I was not a poet/ and never expected to be/My pain forced me to write/and text became poetry.”
If we are to consider Yaseen’s “Victims” – we can feel the words pinching at our skeleton, itself-
“When victims seek sympathy
 The echo not only travels length and breadth
It reaches to the core and approaches the zenith.”
Heena Ansari- for whom a fading bond is still alive in her words-
“but believe me/swear, always/I feel you around me, like air.”
And Swati Sevlani- who communicates through nascent expressions getting the chance to know about the existence of the day.
To quote “I surpassed”-
“She was lost, she was puzzled…
The mingles and jingles gone somewhere,
She opened the door, embraced the nature,
All she had is to whisper.”
Rinzu Rajan started writing poetry as a means of revealing her ebbing thoughts. Her work- “an ode to my city- Delhi” has revoked quiet admiration from my end. If we are talking about “ebbing”- she does have a few words to spare for it as well. Her poem “Ebb and Flow” tells me that her feather has survived the plight attached to growing up-
“Gravity is the tide
On which we levitate
Buoyed to the ebb and flow,
Of exaltation and tribulation.”
Nikhil Sharma, on the other hand, seemed to have grasped the potency hidden beneath the composure of stillness. Thus he writes in the poem “Walls”-
“of  exasperation in dogma,
Or imposed vicariousness,
What’s left of this vagrant soul,
Day of final calling, and eternal sleep,
A eulogy, and some tears,
But me,
To this band of daring writers in verse I would just say-
“I am thirsty
I am hungry
To read more and more.”
 The poets participating in this collection have been mentioned in a recent poetry session organized by Dum Dum Motijeel College. May the flames of their poetic hunger be kept burning for decades to come.

about the authors:

Yaseen Anwer

Yaseen Anwer has done his schooling from New Delhi (Dr.Radhakrishnan International School and Jamia Senior Secondary School) and at present he is doing his engineering from  Bangalore (Dayananda Sagar Institute of Technology).


Heena Ansari

Sprinkling laughter and joy around, Heena Kausher Ansari, is a free spirited soul aiming to put a smile on this world's face. A self styled people's person, Heena, is a firm believer of the old adage that talking resolves any issue.


Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma was born in Gujarat in the year 1984. His father worked with J&K bank. He did his initial schooling from Mumbai and then the family permanently settled in Jammu.

Rinzu Rajan

She started writing in early 2007 after a few personal debacles, and since then has been writing poetry and short stories. Although she has no formal training in creative writing she managed to break the ice by attending workshops and events to sharpen her skills. Since then she hasn’t looked back and the ink has flowed off her pen in concourse.

Swati Sevlani

Swati Sevlani, love to call as Swati Shobha Sevlani, is touching the thin lines of journalism. Working as freelancer writer and practicing editing skills in renowned English newspaper.

further details:

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