Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: Compass Box Killer

Title: Compass Box Killer
Author: Piyush Jha
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Pages: 234

Last week I came across this book ‘The Compass Box killer’ by Piyush jha and after reading it only one thing came to my mind – this could be scripted to a heart stopping Bollywood Masala thriller!!! With a bit of all the necessary spices like gore, sex, deception, trickery, fidelity, double-dealing, loyalty, vengeance and at last a bewildering and twisted ending makes this book a delicious À la carte.
The protagonist of the fiction inspector Virkar is actually a brew of an impartial police officer in one hand and on the other hand he is even guiltless to visit an outlawed bar for a glass of Godfather or an illegal gambling den at midnight to find a suspect. This character can anytime be befitted to an emblematic and authentic ‘Amchi Mumbai’ police officer characterized may be by Irfan Khan ;)
The book opens with a sensational murder of a young foreigner Tracy in a hotel room. This incident brings out the killer spree in the ward of that lady turning him to a serial killer. The rampage of the killer begins with his first victim inspector Akurle. He openly challenges inspector Virkar by leaving a clue in an old our compass box, by revealing the name of his next victim. And then inspite of massive security he succeeds in executing his plan. The situation becomes more complicated when a gorgeous and ambitious TV reporter Raashi appears in the stage as well as in Virkar’s life. You must read the book to know how baffled Virkar gets close to the killer and ends up cracking down the actual criminal who started it all. The typical Marathi proverbs used by Virkar at places are also utterly appropriate.

I am pretty sure that suspense lovers will enjoy seeing this book in silver screen. If directed well, it will bring smile to the face of the white-knuckle film critics for sure.

~Reviewed by Tisha -a full time graphic designer & a part time voracious book reader.

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Hindi Jokes said...

I have read Mumbaistan and the idea of clubbing three stories into one book- "bought" me. For a first time author- back then- it was a challenge. Thus when Piyush Jha, came back with The Compass Box Killer- I was expecting miracles from him. An author improves with the passing days and the same stands true here. The plot has zero potholes, ample of bloodstains and a spine chilling narration. Here none is to be trusted and none is to be spared. The generation that feeds of TV series like Arjun, CID, and Bomkesh Bakhi- will find a thriller series like this one, a sure shot Boon!!