Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Review: Lucky for Some, 13

Publisher  : Mahaveer Publishers
ISBN-10 : 9350880202
published  : 2012
ISBN: 9789350880203
No of Pages: 296
Cover: Paperback
Language  : English

“Lucky For Some 13, published two years after Rao’s debut novel It Can’t Be You, revolves around terrorism and weaves in multiple fast-paced, suspense-filled scenes that occur in Goa and Bangalore. Rao says that thriller aficionados and those who like plot construction will “like piecing together the clues”.-quoted from “Tracing terror”- The Hindu- by SRAVASTI DATTA, Bangalore, December 13, 2012

The AABG library stocks quite a number of interesting books. And many of them deal with pressing
social issues. You will surely agree the “Terrorism” is one such problem we are failing to deal with.
Prem Rao’s second novel, Lucky For Some 13- didn’t have an attractive cover- but the tale of people
turning terrorist and women for a change turning into the flag bearers of mission against terrorist, is commendable. The story is racy and I was told that many of the characters were based on real life heroes or (villains).
But it was good to read them as fiction characters. Alice Hatchman ( nee Aleesa Suleiman) and Mohini Nair, the two principal female characters. Funny you could feel the fights and whistling bullets for real. Indians prefer the crude drama. Thus, if you are comparing this book with your western Gunmen and CSI biggies- you will be making a unpardonable mistake. For Prem Rao has kept the regional feel intact. Readers are thus requested to act to the statement- “When in Rome be a Roman.”

Prem Rao earns 4/5 from me.

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