Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book review: Journey of a Lifetime

 Book: Journey Of A Lifetime: Moments That Change Life Forever
Author: Prateek Sharma
ISBN: 8122312586
ISBN-13: 9788122312584,978-8122312584
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2011
Publisher: Cedar Books
Number of Pages: 224
Language: English
Where To Buy: Flipkart

About the book:

Teenage stories are told and retold time and again. But seldom- one speaks of the turmoil, the pain, the triumph and the satisfaction those special years of our life hold within its folds. And you don’t expect that to come from an established tiger conservationist in later life. Prateek Sharma captures ten days of the life of a worldly teen Jason in his book – “Journey of a lifetime”.
Not a prodigal son but an outcast- the protagonist feels that instead of being the centre of attention of his family- he is pushed out in the periphery- unloved, uncared, misunderstood. His views towards live thus turns cynical- where emotions are never judged through their manifested expression. Jason prefers to believe and look at women, relationships love as if through the negative photo reels. 

Successfully enough the writer encapsulated the failed tendencies of the protagonist to become an ideal son- spicing his lines with guilt stricken words- but you actually need to read in between the lines- you need to delve more into the character to understand the depth of harrowed emotions.  Truss lips pouring forth venomous words find their victims in Laura and Shiya- whereas the parallel challenges thrown by dialogues of Willey jolts Jason of his all-bad pretentious attitude. The story strikes out as a good example to the theory- “Your words are like two end spear- when one end strikes the listener- the other end strikes you equally hard and deep.”

Moments and turn of events hits Jason hard enough to stop beating about the bush and take up serious decisions. Mending his way through his broken life- Jason finally takes up a job- where he finds himself most comfortable at- a Tiger conservationist. 

The title is apt for the story- indeed it is a transitional journey- even for the readers who have gone through the ups and downs of their individual lives. The story has its slow moments for the characters to ponder thus- the lack of speed at sections can be undermined for the plot’s sake. On the whole, Prateek Sharma’s book- is a soothing read, if it is one of those days- when you wish to look back to the testing days of your childhood.


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