Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book review: Ten Days

Book: Ten Days
Author: Azharuddin
ISBN: 9380914169
ISBN-13: 9789380914169
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2012
Publisher: General Press
Pages: 184
Language: English

 (as published in the taunt pen- August's special issue)

 About the book:

(the following is a piece of discussion that took place among the All About Books team members)
Racism, violence and flashbacks- can all be packed in a new book written by an unknown writer altogether.
“Ten Days” by Azharuddin kept us- making all kinds of guess work we could afford in our little discussion room.
Two to three of us flipped through old newspapers and refreshed our memories of the racist attacks reported from Australia- as- some spoke of many other recent publications speaking about this hot topic. So what is “Ten Days” which made our afternoon tea and fresh brew coffee concoctions go unattended and cold. The most enthusiasts of us- Musie chirps said- “unrequited love”- “Mr. Red Collars nodded left and right and asserted- “Heck! It’s about injustice done towards Indian students on Australian shores”. Mother- Goose took charge immediately and said- “People, you are forgetting- it’s about Zeeshana man with high hopes and aspirations- leaving behind his family and love and coming face to face with the blows of the world- in a land that he can’t even dare to call his own”. Mamma-Mia took advantage of the pause and blurted out her needle pointed criticism- “Yes! You make a boy lay on the hospital bed and make a
journalist question him relentlessly…poor thing, and suddenly at the end of the novel- Amanda- I mean the
journalist can’t even bring herself up to say the poor thing a last good bye!” Thanks to the keeper of Beyond
Attics- we are assuring our readers that we won’t give out the story- You can shop for the book from all major online stores and retail outlets and find out what actually happens in all those fateful “Ten Days”.

Musie-chrips, Mother Goose, Mamma Mia, Mr. Red Collars and the keeper of Beyond Attics comprise the
healthy team of AABG.

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