Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Review: I am Papa

Author:  Pranav Bhattacharya
Format: papaerback
Language: English
Pages: 246

Price: 150 (cheaper on internet retailers)
Publishers: Expression publishing

“It is burden of being a father- retirement never seems blissful!”- quoting a papa I know of. The cover of the book-“I am PAPA” gives you a half profile of an old man- you might begin to wonder- a half face profile?—I guess it is meant to bring out the ordinary feature of any senior citizen, any father, any retired man and anyone who harbors more acumen that what meets the eye. And Prof. Arya is one such a man. Like all other senior academics he thought retired would be blissful- a span of life that would be void of running about, attending classes, and carrying out the burden of a man in service.

And troubles are known to come to your home unannounced-the youngest son of the house goes missing. It is a question of decision- a test of self criticism- for a man who had lived half of his life demeaning the boy, considering him nothing better than a day dreamer- where he should go on, how should he take action and  look for the bemused prodigal. The story is about a father’s journey from one place to the other, a journey where he meets people from all walks of life, rubs shoulders with sadhus who can cross all limits of indecency. He encounters social figures living under the belly of metro cities, flies off to unknown destinations with pimps and human traffickers so as to say. The plot will, in short never give you a reason to stop at one place. A book that carries the essence of movies like “a Wednesday”, “sarhansh”- it is easy to follow the shadow of a man who is in search of his son, and it is equally painful to become a by stander to watch panic stricken faces of the older son and the grieving mother. Help comes for places least expected- think of a high profile prostitute joining the search party- a foreign small time news channel making a show stopper out of a humble teacher. Yes, it does sound like ‘Ripley’s believe it or not”- but as a part of a racy story- all the twists and turns fall in place one after the other.

I believe something should be kept incomplete- just like the story of Karina and Mel. They clandestine relation even if pictured out in reality would stop at a dead end. Otherwise- the story should go on and find its own way in the form of a sequel- we need to know what happens to Prof. Arya, how well does Sunil understand the strange way of his father’s sacrifice and adoration? And we need to know how the Saffron clad brigade of the now exterminated Big Man retaliates?!

About the author:

Pranav Bhattacharya is a Banker by profession.  An engineer by initial training, he went to business school at the University of Texas at Dallas for an MBA. He lived and worked in the US for 10 years, before he moved back to India, to become a part of her success story.

Pranav has been married for almost a decade, and lives in Pune with his wife and 2 children.

He presently works for a Financial services provider in Pune.

Further details:


contact author at:        Mob number : 9552561011



Saru Singhal said...

Looks very interesting...Thanks for sharing...

Anirudh said...

Seriously why do you guys care to review when you don't know how to ? This is more like a book promotion rather than review. Because of reviewers like you making hard for people to chose books. You say ALL books are good & interesting :-/

[I know, you would never publish this comment, but atleast stop reviewing like this :)]

wanderer said...

@ anirudh

wow! that was a true comment I was looking forward too. Not here to explain as to why I review and why I write like this--

but to say, I liked it and I wrote what I liked, and I acknowledged that you absolutely didnt like it...neither you liked what I wrote nor you liked what the book was about...which means YOU might like something else...:)

Sneha said...

The book looks interesting...and of course different story line from all the chicklits available in market..
I must read this now and I guess this book will serve as a perfect gift to my aunt ;)

wanderer said...

@ sneha

Yes I agree with you, far different from chicklits never written by chicks but evergreen boys!!

And I like the idea of gifting a book instead of other it of any genre of the receiver's preference.

Anirudh said...

Thanks for approving my comment & I really like this positive attitude.

I didn't liked how to written the review. It is too small. Two more paragraphs would be great.

Tell me something which I don't find in back cover. I don't need story, I need review how good the book is, how did the author managed to deliver the story.

And why do you give mobile no. & website of author ? Do u think I am ever gonna call the author ? Why website link ? Some people even post links to FB pages. It is just cheap act of promoting. Ever saw reviewers giving link to sites in Gaurdian etc ?


wanderer said...

Anirudh sir...points noted...Sad enough..I am not at par with Gaurdian standards...wish you could through more light into that fact....?

Its a good way to learn about such things even when I dont have the years of reviewing experience stitched to my coat.

Once again your views acknowledged...

wanderer said...

one more thing I forget to mention Anirudh sir...newspaper columns and blogs (I thought- were different). Newspapers promote in subtle ways and bloggers are too humble to learn that so quick...

BY the way, from hence forth NO Promotion of books. :)

Raphael said...

papa ki pari right here. father-related things always get to me. guess i must read stat?

thanks for sharing =)