Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review: A Bridge over the Impossible

Author: Dilip Gude

Format: Paperback

Language: English


 Rs. 250


ISBN Number: 978-81-8253-261-8

About the book:

A writer who is able to divide his work among
1)      Inspiration
2)      Emotion
3)      Responsibility
4)      Inquisition

                And finally draws the line with poetic references to the theme of “exemplary” needs to be regarded with reverence. Not so because, Dilip Gude, in his book “A bridge over the impossible” has been able to crave out his thoughts with utmost care and has shown immense understanding of the situations he has by far felt and lived through.
Gude negates the popular story of falling into the steady steps of the tortoise. In his poem “Inspiration” he makes the chivalric attempt of stating-

“2. Be the rabbit even if you lose.”

The poem has strong undertones capable of giving the readers the boiling zeal to make his dreams come true.

“ 1. Amass your strength, bid your skills
Inculcate haste and gobble energy’s spills
Summon your resources and imbibe each.”

If we are to follow the idea of “when there is a will there is a way”- I presume the following lines would surely find their way in an enthusiastic orator’s discourse-

“Heighten your senses,
Brighten yourself to stand apart
From the census, Break all ground,
make the path. Lead the lost and
found, shower on them success’s wrath.”
If the section of Inspiration was bathed with fiery words, "Emotion" opens the floodgates of a wounded mind. Or else it would have never began with the words-
“Hurt is just a chemical altercation in brain
Detach from it like dry lotus leaf in rain.”
The move we yell for our rights, the more we chant slogans in order to taste the elixir of freedom, the closure we creep towards our doomed graves. Rightfully expressed, by Gude in his poem “Responsibility”-
“2. You don’t own your life,
people around you do.
Your freedom is limited to freeing
Them from slack’s clutches’’ crew.”
Yet what touched this beating heart were the lines mentioned under the section dedicated to “Inquisition”-
“3. Imagination is the greatest
Architect o reality’s future.
Illumination of a dream
Underlies every invention’s facture.”
A bridge over the impossible” has the feel of semi philosophical sermons placed in verses for the weakened hearts to find their way out of the tunnel of disillusionment.  The book thus justify its serialized presentable, i.e. every poem is chronically numbered and gets grouped under a major theme- instead of carrying gaudy titles for themselves. The title thus stands true to its position- show the way to cross over hurdles in all spheres of human existence.

About the author:

Dr. Dilip Gude is a medical doctor practicing in Internal medicine at Medwin Hospital, Hyderabad, India. He has published over 70 articles in various national and international medical journals. Apart from his clinical practice he is an art aficionado and has unencumbered passion to poetry, screen-writing, photography, painting, dance and art in literally every form.

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sangeeta said...

The wanderer has spoken on behalf of fans of dr Gudes work who have the same to say about the emotions and inspiration imbibed in his poetry, but cannot manage to put it into the right words. He has worded our collective admiration for this collection of poems