Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Review: Love's Journey

Author: Rashmi Singh


Language: English



Publishers: Pustak Mahal

ISBN Number: 8122312012 ISBN-13: 9788122312010 , 978-8122312010

About The Book:

Several of the Sidney Sheldon’s books keep mentioning of the same thing- the woman being exploited in her quest for love and in turn she learns how to manipulate the probable baits to achieve her means. The name of the lead character Jennifer Sebastian reminds me of woman depicted in novels and on the big screen-she is nevertheless a mixture of all of them- adorned with skin deep beauty and acts as pawn in the cosmic chess board of the glittering stage life. Is it true- to achieve the taste of the icing on the pinnacle of success you need to sell every bit of your flesh- Jennifer’s voice perhaps demands the answer as revealed from in between the pages of Rashmi Singh’s  Love’s Journey.
Our commercial Bollywood life keeps getting documented in one way or the other. Some of us dare to reveal what lies beneath the cover, some follow the trend of Shashi Tharoor’s “Show business”, and some speak of the underbelly rumblings behind every stage show seen through a murky bioscope. Trails of a girl’s life and the tragedies that make her mouth endless slangs are never born on a single day. Jennifer’s unforgiving fate constantly drives her from one post to the other. And even the zenith ends up being bitter sweet. Convincing in parts, there still lingers an unnecessary stress of helplessness on characters at times. Perhaps the setting itself would make out as a lead character- the Bollywood world so as to say- pulling the threads and throwing sadistic smile each time it finds the protagonist cornered.
The only philosophic link would be recalling God as the savior, yet it is the same God who pens down destinies in his log book. Greed triumphs over hunger, hunger getting segregated into physical need, and getting tossed among potential male interests like Deepak , Shantanu Arora Jay Kumar and even Shambhu Vasan. I felt I was getting to see images of all those known faces from the posters – just that each one of them were carrying the pseudonym of Jennifer.
Rashmi Singh has this unique ability to keep poking at the closed walls of the human mind- commonly guarded by the word called “civility”. Her pattern of narration is perhaps directed at throwing thought provoking queries about “where is that thin line between the utopian belief and the murky existence?” She succeeds at jostling me with her wordplay-the rest remains at the hands of the readers’ to judge. 

About The author:

Rashmi Singh is a freelance Personality Development Trainer and Counsellor based at Faridabad, near Delhi. An alumnus of Notre Dame Academy Patna, Loreto Convent, Ranchi and Avila Convent, Patna (P.W.C.), Rashmi did her C.T.E., M.A. and M.B.A post marriage. An extremely sincere worker, she has watched life from a very close proximity sieving positivity from the heaps of piled negativity around her. An active blogger, her posts appear in the Asia Section of an International Website, news.net by the names of Riviera and Lost Tranquility. Rashmi s debut novel Love s Journey published by Pustak Mahal is already a raging success, and highly appreciated...

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