Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Review: A Bowlful of Butterflies

Author: Ritu Lalit

Format: Word

Language: English


Price: Rs.195

Publishers: Rupa & Co.

ISBN Number:978-81-291-1845-5

About the book:
Having read Ishaan’s book the Bracelet and Ritu’s blogs- I felt I knew what to expect from the mother’s latest writing endevour-and when I finally started through the pages of A Bowlful of Butterflies-I had to chew my own words with a smirk on my face- “expect the unexpected”.
If you let loose Emma in the criss-crossing lanes of  NCR region you will bump into Chadni and her dangerous youthful two compatriots, Soma the ever dreamer and Amrit- the show stopper. But Chadni is not match maker- neither is Emma accidentally kissing her cousin!

It is just A Bowlful of Butterflies- quit thinking or even rhyming socialites. For Vicky, Vinni and Jogi are not three musketeers- they are brothers. And one of them parent is running away from a extremely suspicious wife- in to the arms of a lady by her own rights. But why is Vicky running into the arms of the music teacher of the locality every night? And how does Sarita tolerate the vicious gossip monger-sucking out unpleasant news from her and driving her to the brim of insanity.- Ritu states it right enough- growing up is fun with all its ecstasy and dangerous bends- with it's self analysis, complexities and living up to one’s dream. If it just got teens giggling from its pages- you are sure to get crushes and infatuations following. Expect some heartbreak and poetry running haywire as a result. Ritu’s Butterflies speak out from the leaves and dance about you as you proceed with the story. A brother leaves and another is suddenly questioning his dignity- beating away unworthy rogues and making a hell cry- each and every time he is held responsible. Boys take up solitude in some nonchalant gulps of stolen whiskey- when a girl has the sense to keep her calm (sorry- my favorite part- though- I fell for Vinni nevertheless).

A bowlful of Butterflies reminds me of all aspects of modern life- dished out to me is a bone china dish- with exotic salads spread over lavishly. If the story got published in an episodic manner in some distant magazine or weekly- I would have been thoroughly disappointed- since waiting to know what happens next would be intolerable. Simply because I could connect to the part of career choice dilemma- even with the peer jealousy and even with the way a mother would react to unforeseen circumstances unveiling in front of her- the story remains with me even when I close the book.  Thus each time the violin looks at me- I know- it is not Vikram Seth’s “An Equal Music”- but a teenager standing at the threshold of adulthood- playing out the deepest moods of her life in some starry night- with only the bow keeping her company.

About the author:
(quoting the author herself)

·          I am a single parent, office worker, blogger and author. My debut book A Bowlful of Butterflies is now available at bookstores around the country. I live in Faridabad, with my two sons, a daughter in law, three dogs a turtle and thirty fishes.  My second book, a fantasy fiction called HILAWI is being published by Prakash Publications.  I am currently working on my third book, dealing with women empowerment.  It is a political thriller full of intrigue and sleaze.

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Sneha said...

Ahhh I have to grab this. I loved Ritu's quotes "2 sons, daughter in law, doggies, turtle and 30 fishes" :O looks like a big joint family.
She is such a sweetheart :)

Ritu said...

Finally! I have been trying to comment ever since this review came up, but blogger hates me. It would not allow me to comment. Thanks a lot for the review. Your words, they actually fluttered all over me like butterflies. Loved, loved, loved your review.