Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Review: "Love was never Mine…"

Author: Kunal Bhardwaj
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 144
Price: INR 150
Publishers: Cedar Books
ISBN Number: 9788122311846

 About the book:

Love was never mine is a story of an everyday shy boy. For, Rahul, being ordinary was an accepted fact- but his aspirations were always sky high- never wanting too much- yet dreaming to be among the stars. The first few pages gave me such an impression- and by and by the petals detached themselves and unfolded a story of a man- who thought love was something more than the daily humdrum, and something near to the glittering fantasies.

The cover greets you with a maiden keeping her glance low- her saddened face lost in thought- giving the reader a hint perhaps. Is this the story of a woman shuffling between several paradoxes in her life? As he reads on- he meets Rahul more than his lady love- Shreya. The story is set in a flashback mode- (quite effective, I should say) and it is Death that pulls your senses and makes them stoop over the fast paced- “love was never mine”.

Not verbose- but matter of fact- Shreya is today’s girl- who has set her priorities in life-long before Rahul falls for her. Not surprised, since few are there who leave some tasks in the hand of destiny. And opposites don’t really attract much in this book. For Rahul- love is more than what our romance tomes preach. Though he says looks don’t matter much- yet he falls through the mesh of exquisite looks of Shreya. Love carries the burdens called sacrifice and unrequited adoration. The book, though is far more serious in dealing with this topic, it is heart wrenching, prosaic and serene- merging together in the form of short chapters.

Kunal Bardwaj’s first attempt seems more real analysis of an emotional voyage- where the reader feels the sea breeze, reels in the high seas, gauges the tumults of perilous storm and still looks forward to meeting the end of the world-the end by itself draws a glorious curtain, unexpectedly well executed by a first time writer.

While reading it, and even after completion- I was swept away with the intensity in which our minds connect over the single word called “love”. Nevertheless, if an emotion running at high stakes is your status in the coming days- “Love was never Mine” can become a privileged company. Hoping you would even try to finish of the clause and perhaps even whisper the words “was it yours…” in the thin air of your October evening.

About the author:

Kunal, is a strategic research and consulting professional currently working with Genpact Analytics as Assistant Manager. Unlike other authors he started writing quite late when he felt an urgency to give words to his unexpressed emotions through stories. “Love was never Mine…” is his first honest attempt to express the in-expressible. He aims to be an entrepreneur in future, and he was one of the finalists for "Economic Times Power of Ideas-2010" contest. He loves singing, long drives, and regular hanging around with friends. He can be reached at "" as well as you can find him on Facebook, and Linkedin.

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