Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Review: Dear, I love You

Format: Paperback
Language: ENGLISH 
Pages: 208
Price: 125
ISBN Number: 8183520871

About the book:

It’s one of those times, when the ladies chose the path of resilience and men opened the gates to their emotional mind. Otherwise, you don’t find a boy falling in for a girl, wooing her till his wits’ end and finally crossing all limits to win every bit of her heart…so on and so forth. Dear, I love You- is not a whisper from Arun Sabtharishi. It is tale of a man coming to realization, surviving through the plight and holding strong to his belief. (Though childish rendition and at times quite testing).

So when the Cupid strikes in between the pages of Dear, I love you, Gautham could hardly take any cover- he becomes a point blank victim- forgetting to mug up formulae even when he knows the exam death knell is grinning at him. It’s not a story that can be framed into the phrase- “luck by chance”. Its rather chanced upon luck- that a boy says “nay” to his engineering studies and plots ways to immerse his subject of admiration with chocolates to begin with. And how does Anu respond- she takes jittery steps and joins in the roller coaster of eddying emotions.

Sometime or the other, love demons- or more respected parents are to find out of the clandestine relationships and there comes those pristine clauses and those epic misunderstandings. “Dear, I love you”- labors at justifying love at the altar of the unaffected gentry. It smooths away the tenderness of love with immature hands. Further on, attempts at giving life a second chance. The monotony hits me somewhere in the middle and I think Arun could have harness somewhere control and weaves the intermediate chapters- somewhere concealment of feelings could have created better reading experience.

Arun though makes some flaws here and there- draining the flow of the narrative somewhere and making the story read like a dairy. Keeping up to the trend he too starts with a twist, keeping me wondering falling seems to be ignorant of aging. Jokes apart- what begins with a secondary plot- justifying ends with the same? And why am I complaining- Dear, I Love You- is more or less a college life journal whose epilogue is only mature- the rest is just your cherry topping on your weekend sundae at the café. 

About the author:

Arun Sabtharishi, born in Trichy, a city in the southern India; is a jaunty, insouciant, amiable and blissful young man. He did his under-graduation in Computer Science at Sastra University, India. He is now a candidate for Masters of Science (Computer Science) in University of Texas, Dallas in United States of America. Apart from being a tech savvy computer guy, Arun spends considerable amount of his time reading quality novels across myriad genres, a vivid movie lover, and a cricket fanatic.
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