Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Review: The Ancient Book

Author: Parikshit Rane


Language: English


Price: Rs. 95

Publishers: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN Number: 978-93-81115-03-9

About the Book: 

Did you ever think of old fairy tales actually growing old and somewhat a stale- the same old story of a Red Riding Hood, and the Hare losing out to a Tortoise- new age mothers finding it difficult to conceive better bedtime stories- more baffled are they at the story weaving capacities of their conceived baby geniuses! You can’t blame them- they see more and type more than we do- or should that be called type “faster’. 

I was thinking all this, with two frisky kids hanging all over me-trying to draw their “Aunt’s attention” from her tome books. What the Tome failed to do- the slim bind achieved. Parikshit Rane’s “The Ancient Book” saved the day. You really won’t mind tender fingers jabbing at your knees  asking you to carry on- pouring you with questions and even ignoring the important things in their toddler lives- the Cartoon channels.
It is your happy meal that you read and express with same gusto- “Awe- now what? Sara, what will she do?” She is the magician daughter of King Zius and Queen Isabella of the magical world of Angdom. Like all fairy tales, we got our villains too. You can think of a colony of witches, vampires, trolls and what not- if your imagination is falling short- you can watch the numerous fantasy movies anytime for quick gruesome references. But the ring master of all these malicious creatures is most threatening – the King Satan and Queen Gilda combo. And they rule with great fury over these creatures from their lair called Lyncastia.
When I had started reading out the book aloud to the most questioning two sets of eyes I have met till date- I had two things in mind- “Oh! This book has got mythical characters- now how would I explain their significance to the kids?” – “hope it’s not too frightening- tough it is already to make these two sit, tougher it would get if they start weeping!” “The Ancient Book” is trouble proof- it is fast, it is aptly drenched with enchanting narrative- and best- it will not extend unnecessarily. The writer brings in it virtues that could be taught as the story flows. And the best- we got something like a book to tell us the secrets of our world and about aliens fighting away evil along with The Righteous King Zius.
Thus when I finally ended up shutting the book- Kid One said to Kid Two- “I know about vampires and aliens- they are ugly, I know about Bunny the Rabbit, and Satan is like He-man’s Skeletor.” Kid Two smiled back confidently, “The Ancient Book is something like Ten commanders (she meant Ten Commandments)!”- And left both Kid One and me gaping at her.  Do you still doubt about modern kids and their ragging IQ! Thanks to Parikshit Rane’s “The Ancient Book”- my lesson was well learnt!  

About the Author:

Born in Mumbai, Parikshit Rane is a poet and fantasy fiction author. He always dreamt of being published and is living his dreams writing poems and books. The journey of being published began with 2 of his poems getting published in “An Anthology for Passion for Poetry (2008-09).” Parikshit’s second novella called “Love beyond boundaries” will release soon and you can expect many more fantasy fiction books from him in the future.

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KHOJ said...

nice..."ten commanders" lol...i need to wait a year before can read thie to her :)

wanderer said...

@ Khoj

better be prepared, our princess is already showing signs of possessing great IQ. :)