Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book Review: Dreams of Distance

Author: Bhabani Shankar Nayak

Format: Paperback

Language: English


 Rs. 200


ISBN Number: 978-8182532489

About the book:

I remember how a teacher had once, out of exasperation, blurted out, “Alas how strange it is that anyone who gets to drink a portion of literature from the residuals left behind but recent predecessors, tries to scribble a poem! O god! Why do we forget that Nobel laureates are not born so often?” I was young back then, thus did not dare to reply. Though, now, perhaps I am able to chant in whispers-
“These are not just words
In wild thoughts
A poet writes to express
In different ways
To share the secrets
With his loved ones…”
The above lines are quoted from the poem called “Dream of a Poet”. You will find it in Bhabani Shankar Nayak’s “Dreams of distance”.
The most alluring destination in Orissa, for me, was the Sun temple at Konark. Honestly, was quite thrilled to find the poem titled by the same. Creativity reaches an upper notch, when you find how different can expression run through the channels of human thought and how a particular place hold on to the reins of wilderness and refresh every creative outburst and cast it with the trait of distinctive individuality. Quoting from it-
“Fragments of her thought
Draws love sick art
In whispering stones
Eyes stop and heart dotes...”
I also remember, while wandering amidst the temple remises- I had a strange urge to seek back into the area on a full moon night- and perhaps listen to sounds from the past...Nayak’s “Lonely Moon” echoed my nascent feelings.
“There is a soul
Looking for pearl
Behind the moon
It is loneliness that shines
To defeat the darkness.”
However you try to bind your thoughts in cages, it will surely find the peeking gaps in between and set itself free from your malicious clutches, by and by. The lines from “Waiting Time” spoke to me the above mentioned motto of a survivor’s instinctive urges.
“In the face of strong wind
Open fields are always lonely
Celebrating the spirit of sky
Freedom of flying thrills
In an age ghettoisation of thoughts”
The words rebel page after page, they fall for each other- rule the desires and escape through the transits of our daily humdrum- to a different Utopia- envisioned by the poet, from time to time. Like dewdrops they soothe the aching backs of grass blades, like a child willing to ask endless questions, they form verses meant for Eternity to ponder upon. Nayak in his collection- achieves this connection- rhyming even the ideas existing poles apart.

About the author:

Dr Bhabani Shankar Nayak is a political economist by profession and poet by imaginary accident. He is the author of the Anubhuti (experience); collection of poems in Oriya. His anthology of poems; Nomad and the Road was published by the Writers Workshop, Kolkata. He writes on different areas of political economy of development and capitalism.

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The so called collection is ok but needs attention in some areas where the poet sounds static.