Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Review: I’m not twenty four.. I’ve been nineteen for five years

Author: Sachin Garg
Format: papaerback
Language: English
Pages:  224

Price: 100/-
Publishers: Srishti Publishers

About the book:

Fretting whether her ends lies in the hands of boring and so hype Malappa or whether Soumyawill keep with the utopian bliss that Shubhro with his Marijuana and beer has to offer? But will he be really offering all this to an up town girl who by fate finds herself in a remote nook of Karnataka. Never a possible love triangle! For, you don’t wear track suits and plan to jog around a place where society is still trying to understand the growing industrial complex in their docile country side; neither do you pack you stilettos on the days of initiation. A name blame game that lands the protagonist in a steel plant of Toranagullu, and makes her live on with companies of men like ambitious and shrewd Malappa-a man of the world, an unimpressive batch mate Amit and her globe trotting potential beau Shubhro.

“I am not 24 I've been nineteen for five years!” is written to find answers to what exactly lies at the end of City bred unisex name tag holder Soumya. Sachin attempts at thinking and writing a story like a girl would. He starts of well- probably just wanted to rush through the prologue like beginning. Though I could not find a reason as to why he needed to use up some many pages into detailing about Soumya’s shopaholic bouts. She seems a cut out of Aisha aka Sonam Kapoor trying to tickle the male ego with tantalizing inners! She seems like Rithik Roshan’s clueless Lakysa boy, yet an MDI graduate. Perhaps the best character concoction served at my reading palate so far! Trapped in tight boring shirts and pants-she has to slog her way to keep her ideals way above the handful of others. She has to fall for nerdy man who never stops at a place for more than 90 days.  And last of all, we find her skirting back to her roots a fresh woman seasoned by the spices of the world- browsing over blog posts of her love interest with a pinch of salt.

There has been a trend for men to drop the hat and grab the pen and pour they red hearts’ content on paper. Sachin saves me from them, at least for a while. Still, to wear a girl’s heart is a tougher task, just like it is for a girl to wear hefty armors and face some 20 odd waving mercenary. The story has its peak points and perilous trenches- a quick read indeed.

About the author:

Sachin Garg is known for writing stories which not only ring a chord with the reader but also leave him with a long lasting thought. Described as worth checking out (MTV), A must read (Red FM) and a writer who will be enjoyed by all (Times of India), he continues write stories which redefine numbers in the India Publishing Industry.

Sachin is an engineer from Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) and did his management from MDI, Gurgaon. Apart from books, he has a keen interest in outdoor strength training activities and travelling.
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Arjit Srivastava said...

Worth giving it a shot, once, at least, in short, eh? And by the way, "disabling right click to this extent", is, very, very, irritating. Seriously.

wanderer said...

I guess you can pick up the book and read through :)

sorry for irritating you about the "right click" thing...bear with me--for I need to save my poems from shameless cheaters :P friends of mine have been victims you see...

standpoint said...

Glad,you are equally capable in roving inside the popular deserves all accolade,for taking the pure literary inputs here..enjoyed reading your review.All best wishes..Atul