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Book Review: Dear, I Hate You

Author: Nitya Prakash
Format:Paperback & Hardbound 
Language: English 
Pages: 152
Price: 200
Publishers:Power Publishers, Kolkata 
ISBN Number: 978-93-81205-31-0

About the book:

A book that’s going to be a bestseller: seems to have vengeance and pathos etched out of the very heart that was once docile and innocent to the cunning ways of the world- the running praises of the book, and even my pixie ears told to give it a try. Time to time chat with the author- Nitya Prakash and the stunning cover made me do something only reserved for more dearie books. Yes! The trotter carried the book along with her, tucked safely in her backpack. Each time the co passenger dared to peep- I grew super possessive of Nitin, then of Toolika and then of Shenyl and Divya. Kicking off my addiction to bound papers (read books)- lets plunge into Nitin’s life and predicament- for every tear has a story to tell.
First of all the commoner lines. The story starts with an accident of a young man- and there is also a lady looming around- keeping me guessing- will there be chemistry between the two. I tell my athletic brain, “dude! halt- it’s got to be flashback!” and yes my voice was right. Dear, I hate you- is a story of a man craving inwardly for love and like most of his fellow “men” is confused when his heart wins over his senses. The “tin yaari “/ the three musketeers- Kabir, Manav and our Nitin seem to be tied from their days spent in cradles. And the ties thin out only when schools days bid them melancholic farewell. Life takes a full swing when Nitin encounters with his college life and becomes a soft victim of ragging. But is Dear I hate You about student abuse? No! it’s about a journey of a boy growing into a man- winning hearts, accolades and committing the mistake of not telling a white lie to his childhood crush. A death marks a black hole in his fate-making me thinking- stories of our lives or most original than the fiction we urge to pen down.
Nitya keeps telling me- Dear I hate you is based on real incidents. So there was one Toolika who loved one Nitin perhaps like Eustacia Vye- and also a friendly Shenyl  and a Divya—Keeping questions unanswered for readers to judge. Honestly Nitin, seems quite an emotional being- man of the world- not a playboy- but a playful boy- who grew up only when life was too eager to write down his ending chapters.

About The author:

Nitya Prakash is a versatile personality - a writer, a banker, a management expert, an investment consultant, corporate trainer, software engineer, motivational speaker, media man, columnist all rolled in one. He is the author of the much-hyped romantic novel ‘Dear, I Hate You'. He was born and brought up in the city of nawabs – Lucknow, UP (India). He did his computer graduation from Lucknow University followed by an Executive Services Management Programme from K.J.Somaiya, Mumbai and a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Management from ICICI Manipal Academy, Bangalore. He has been an all-rounder. He is NSDL and AMFI certified, which enables him to work as an investment consultant. He had been the Chief Editor of “Chrysalis” Magazine - ICICI Manipal Academy. He is a ferocious reader and prolific writer and has been regular in writing many youth awakening articles in The Times of India and many other reputed magazines. He has co-authored two International Research Publications and presented many research papers at International Conferences. He has worked as an ‘International Trade Manager’ at ICICI Bank and also as a ‘Program Officer’ at MicroSave India. He is presently on the trail of his next novel “R.I.P.- Rest in Peace”. Apart from that he is also writing the screenplays for few major production houses in India and abroad. To pay his bills he works as an independent trainer and counselor in the management sector in India and also as a columnist with . He can be contacted at

Further Details:

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