Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Review: Unusual People Do Things Differently

Author: TGC Prasad

Format: Paperback

Language: English



Publishers: Penguin Books india 

ISBN Number: 9780143416753

About the book:

Knock Knock Knock—oops you forget! Every stone on the road of life has something to teach-open your mind, eyes, ears and learn up what it has to preach. Management, management and management- argh! The world has forgotten all about it, I can understand it just by the look of the stressed up people wearing the obnoxious tag called “work is pending” around me. “We got no fresh plans, no fresh ideas and hola! We drink fresh fruit juice from a month old sealed tetra pack. TGC Prasad’s Unusual People Do Things Differently- is remarkably different- for me at least. Not quite fond of books with case studies, my college day reference books were no less pain the neck- the temptation of 65 people giving you ways and ideas to think out of the box- got this fawn trapped.
The book speaks of triumphs and failures- giving us a peep into the lives of people whom we might have heard of and even marveled about. Segregated into six major themes, the experiences are non linear to the mushy tales of chicken soup series. The whole concept in one way or the other is quite similar to the pattern followed by THE BOSS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND” by VIJAY NAIR.
TGC Prasad talks of CEOs, common man and the people living in the fringes of the society- gathered together between the covers- and strikingly enough is able to maintain a balance between giving away facts and cutting the monotony by providing a conversational attribute to every piece. He draw the final stroke with a moralistic touch, either expressing what he has personally perceived from the incident or what the readers can imbibe and get motivated from.
Unusual People Do Things Differently will help a reader to understand the ways of becoming creative and derive solutions by making use of what he has learnt and has experienced either all by himself or through constant observations made, being set in niche. It speaks of putting in your passion at work and how never to give up. From a widow to a quizzing enthusiast, from an entrepreneur to a regular guy- the idea plays the same- it’s not exactly a fiction though the style could have given you away. Well, let’s call it nonfiction that borders the concept of self help books, carries the essence of referential case studies, punched with veiled fable like conclusion- yet achieving its ultimate goal of winning a place in the reader’s mind.

About the author:

TGC Prasad is currently on advisory boards of several companies. He is the author of the best selling books, “Unusual People Do Things Differently” (Portfolio, Penguin) and "Along the Way" (Rupa, Fiction).  He is a motivational speaker, offers Strategy, General Management and HR advisory consulting. He has worked as Country Manager, Global Vice President for Misys Plc and was on the board of Misys, India. Prior to that he worked with companies such as Wipro, Coopers & Lybrand, PWC, IBM, MindTree, and Alcatel-Lucent in various senior management roles globally.

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