Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Captured Moments: Tall Tales and Poems

Author: D Everett Newell
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-81-8253-231-1
Pub. Date: 2011
Price: INR 200

About the book:

Words arranged in a sequence never creates a poem- never can the creator of it can be dubbed as a poet. You need to forgo- that singular passion and get that run through your sinews- fill up the inking space of the pen you are holding and then draw out feelings in that piece of paper lying in front of you expectantly. D Everett’s poetry and his other dribbling coming together in between the folds of “Captured Moments tall tales and Poems”.- fall under this category.

Flip through the pages you are bound to come face to face with the poet’s cosmic sister Sue. I liked the way a man living shores apart could make me feel at home, wanting for family association and looking towards loved relations while reading “Blue Eyed Girl- quoting what appealed to me the most- the very lines that helped my mind to conjure u a soul soothing image:

In your eyes we see life’s hope
Among those beautiful pools of blue
you exude so much warmth and compassion
within your goodness safety lives
Exuding an essence that is sweet and pure…”

fun of life is most appreciated when one is looking for it hungrily. And flat screen tv- did act like a breather- among the events that have felt me with sleepless eyes and heavy heart. Newell- creates the fascination for the idiot box through innocent stream of compact expression. Sometimes you hardly need a reason to say things the way you should- just thinking aloud and a few scribble is enough to make you feel better, recalling the days filled with childish awe and nostalgia.

But poems are just a part of this enchanting journey that Big D invites everyone to embark on. He has stories to share and anecdotes to draw your attention with. Thus calling it- just a book of poems wouldn’t be just enough- it is a part of his life- a true fragment that bring him above the rest of all the others who are content with leading a simple life.

About the Author:

My name is Dennis Everett Newell; I am called in no certain order, Denny, Den, Big D, D Everett, and Dennis.  It’s funny, but I can usually tell by how someone calls my name, what time in my life we shared.  I guess there are many layers to a life that has now spanned 57 years.  My middle name, Everett, has been passed down in our family since the Civil War.  My great-great-grandfather’s name was Darius Newell, who named his son Silas Everett Newell, my great-grandfather.  He in turn named his son John Everett Newell, my grandfather, who then in turn named my dad, John Everett Newell Jr.  My dad named me Dennis Everett Newell, and my son is Corey Everett Newell.

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