Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Book Review: Thoughts

Author: D Samarender Reddy
Format: Paperback 
Language: English 
Pages: 108
Price: Rs. 200
Publishers: Cyberwit.net
ISBN Number: 978-81-8253-249-6

about the book:

“Thoughts” by D  Samarender Reddy- is rather a reflective collage than a book. I should not say, it is containing a preacher’s discourse- but the verses are often bordering on morality and evoking spiritual questions- that will make the reader ponder more than usual. It is a collage of painted feelings, comprising of small realizations and observable notions like:
“Our knowledge is built,
On the scaffold of doubt;”
The above lines are from the poem Doubt- a small piece but comprising of greater philosophy. I would like to draw the reader’s interest upon how the idea of doubt percolates through the poem. The poem consists of small phrases all contributing to the central theme- in such a way that they often do away with possible punctuation marks. It is either a flow of imagination or something aligned to the concept of stream of consciousness. For doubts give birth to tears of uncertainty and misunderstanding are nothing but, its common sister.

There is one poem that strikes me more than anything else- Pride and Humility. For ever since I have read it, the lines are questioning my mind. How do you connect pride with humility? The words don’t really fall into place. They are bound to contradict no matter in which way you are using them. But the poet sums all arising ambiguities- with an acceptance of defeat- stating the conflict is ever existent- thus they should be together inside the same arena!

The same can be said about No Monopoly. The poet seems to make an effect to decipher the absolute meaning of Truth. In a short and subtle manner- he achieves at describing Truth as the power of knowledge, as it seems, and that it can’t be limited to a single unit-  whether an individual, or race. The idea seems far more superior, thus it has the power to transcend over political boundaries, ethnic beliefs and trapped within barbed wires.

As writers or amateur scribbling enthusiasts, whenever we find it difficult to make our taunt pen move over a horribly white piece of paper- perhaps we tend to follow the thought surviving in tact within the lines of Cajoling a Friend to Write. The poems like Talking of Death or even Brush with Death- are easy flow over a stinging word.

Reddy makes an effort to bring out human experiences with a touch of the old world of language. Sometimes it seems a man is writing down over parchments and letting them flow with the passing wind and at times it is like a soothing whisper which only the mind is capable of listening to.

about the author:

D Samarender Reddy did his undergraduation in medicine (MBBS) from Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad, and MA (Economics) from the Johns Hopkins University, USA. He has earlier worked as a copywriter and programmer and is currently working as an editor with a medical publisher in Hyderabad. His earlier publications include two books of poetry and History of Medicine. His poems have also featured in several magazines and in an anthology Mosaic. His passion is philosophy, both Eastern and Western.

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