Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Review: Words of Smiths

Author: Various
Language: English
Pages: 122
Price: Rs.200
Publisher: All About Books Global

ISBN Number: 9788192569017

Bang Bang and its exam time- stealing those prized moments from our parents- my keyboard and I are presenting you a book. Well- it’s just not a standalone book. It’s a compilation of poems called “Words of Smiths”- presented by Wizkonect.

These people are one of the many enthusiasts living in India- who want to bring forth the hidden talents living in the shadows of our magnanimous population. If of us- who read and even have the audacity to write poems- now how poorly we are treated. Nevertheless- “Words of Smiths”- coming out from the very dungeons of creations is worthy a few flips.

Ah! Close your eyes and what you land up on- it’s “Coffee Without Mom”- by Canta Dadley. The poet writes under the pseudonym Zone of silence and rightfully dedicates her poem to late mother. The lines are touching and quiet affectionate- making the mother and child a unique bonding altogether. The next page has yet another interesting poem- “Dancing with you”- by Karan Bhargava. To young hearts that get recharged with love in these valentine month the following lines are honey sweet to the ears-

“Closing my eyes, I wonder
If you are able to remember,
We are going on the dance floor together
The last time, we swore to last forever.”
(My friends at Jukebox- you people must seriously compose something on this piece)

Few of the poems are melodramatic- but I can excuse the droning feel- since love is like a record running in an endless loop. For example- “Feelings of emotion” by Vinay Singh will be the best suited for the ones who are charmed by the touch of love beyond recognition. So with those passionate followers of darling Cupid- I share the following lines:
“My love for you is more thn the sky…
With every second every moment passes me by…”

Having talked about how encouraging the whole thing was- I must request the organizers to take notice that in their upcoming compilation they should not encourage contributors to writing in sms language and adhere to grammar rules. If we overlook all these errors – the book is indeed a brave step.

About the book:

WizKonect introduces “Wordsmith” – a national level poetry contest. First in its own kind, “Wordsmith” works towards bringing Indian poems and poets into limelight. The book "word of smiths" comprises of the best entries of this contest. In the dictionary, the most beautiful word, asides from God and love, is poetry. Poetry is beauty and beauty is endless, therefore, poetry is endlessly beautiful. Magical integration of words which pass on great feelings to the readers. Poetry in India has been emerging and has recently produced some fine performers. Its new and yes, it brings a new light with it. The words that flow out of heart, put down on a piece of paper, bring to you the pensive mood of a pondering mind. India is a land blessed with culture, spirit, literature, knowledge and a lot more.

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