Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Review: A Night's Sail

Author: Apurv Agarwal
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Pages: 64
Price: Rs. 60.00
Publishers: Sanbun Publishers

You might have said to yourself, “I am reading the same story of a man looking and running after the priced one.” But the trick of a writer lays in the presentation. And it is the look and the feel of the book you take up in your hand that makes you buy it after a couple of minutes. When the pro writers armed and backed with masterminds raid the book market, selling of their not-so-cool ideas in great bulk within a couple of weeks, the budding venture-ers are left to grapple on sand.

Who grapples on the sand, not the brave heart at least? And surely not the poet who could dare to leave the world behind and set out on a journey, a voyage for that matter- in seek of the countenance and council of the beauty who left him tongue tied. The cover creates the prelude to the story remarkably written within.

“A Night’s Sail” is a journey of a love struck heart, of a man consoling himself about the past, seeking homage of the present and craving a reason to look up to future with a smile. Less than 50 poems speak in chronology, of the trip to nowhere outside, but a giant leap inwards. Thus, if you are thinking of flipping through pages in a whim, and reading through one or two- the “wow” that comes out from your mouth- is simply dull.

I have been looking for a poet who could weave a tale connecting poems together, who could bring in the conflicts in mind, the dilemma of the soul through perfect rhymes. Essentially, “A Night’s Sail” survives the test of a reader’s patience and array of doubts gloriously.

If we are speaking about romantics, and trying to think of shrewd Romeos lurking at street corners-then “A Night’s Sail” is not for them to pick up and quote a tryst line or two. The book is meant for true romantics, who find pleasure in the smallest of things. The book appeals to scholars as well- who are trying to experiment new forms. I would rather call “A night’s Sail” the new poetic novella, a rare find in the sea of self proclaimed poets’ creative bundle.

About the Author:-

Apurv Agarwal is a budding poet, writer and an engineer of the modern times. Presently, he is an undergraduate student of Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) in the prestigious Birla Institute of Technology, MESRA, Ranchi. Being twenty years old, this book published by Sanbun Publishers, New Delhi, is his first in the field of poetry.

Having seen his childhood in an environment very close to Nature, his poetry reveals his emotions on the present world, when seen with the eyes of Love. His poems reflect the very basic attitude of the present young generation towards their life.

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My ratings: 4.5/5

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Abhisek Panda said...

Nice review...and I agree with what you said...I will buy a copy.