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Book Review: For What You Are...

Author: Sneha Gupta

Format: Paperback

Language: English


Price: 175/-

Publishers: Cedar Books [An imprint of Pustak Mahal] 

ISBN Number:978122312140, 108122312144

(published by REVIEW TEAM)

About The Book:

"For what you are..." is a story of mistakes, misdeeds, misconceptions, misinterpretations and being loved for all that. Its the story of a question and a hunt for the answer. Its a clash of ideas and thoughts. With the typical north Indian background, the story revolves around the central thought that nobody is perfect but every person deserves to be loved for the unique combination of merits and demerits he/she has. Its the story of four friends whose lives are interwoven with the tricks of destiny. Its the view of life through a young girl's eyes...

The book “for what you are”, written by Sneha Gupta, is a long story comprising of 278 pages and yet you can easily finish off the pages in a single day. The book has an interesting subtitle which reads” Friendship never fades, love is unconditional.”  


When you read it for the first time, there is no doubt that you will find the title extremely cheesy and will think that this is another attempt by a writer at flowery philosophy. However, once you read the book, you will get to understand what message she is trying to spread amongst her readers. Before I read the story, I had my doubts. But once I started reading it, my apprehension disappeared.
Before we start on the book, it is important to get a back-story on the author. Author Sneha Gupta works at the State Bank of India. The twenty one year old hails from a very small town Lalganj which is in the district Vaishali of Bihar. She had an extremely humble beginning and started working at the mere age of eighteen. She says that when she stared working on this book it all just a medium for venting out her negative feelings and just wanted to pen down the bad incidents that took place in her life. Once her friend read it and termed it as “tragic story”, she decided to turn it into a positive experience.
Now getting back to the story; the story revolves around four friends Snigdha, Rishabh, Anjali and Shekhar. The main protagonist is Snigdha, whose impending arranged marriage along with her newfound love for another man changes her life. The book is about her, how she overcomes her struggles and then proceeds to help her other friends in achieving their goals in life. the story is set on the backdrop of strong north Indian middle class family values and how it defined their lives.
The author, Sneha is memorable for her unique style of writing that succeeds in touching the hearts of her readers. The sentences are written in an articulate way and have an underlying sense of humour that will compel you to finish it as soon as possible. The story is gripping and unique and will undoubtedly leave its mark on you. It is a just blend of fiction and reality. You will see that you are able to connect with the characters.  The story is unpredictable and will leave you satisfied in the end. The only drawback is its length, but if that does not bother you, go ahead and purchase you copy. The book is highly recommended. Sneha is spunky at heart, she is a self professed introvert claiming that it helps her keep in touch with herself. She spends her leisure time penning down her random thoughts in a notebook. And these traits of our bubbling writer find a spotlight in her book.

About The Author:

Sneha Gupta works with State Bank Of India. She is a graduate from the B. R. A. Bihar University, Centre For Distance Education. Starting her career at the early age of eighteen, twenty-one years old Sneha hails from a very small town Lalganj, in the district Vaishali of the state Bihar.
Sneha has a passion for writing and she writes in every genre including poems, short stories, irony, ghazals etc. Apart from writing, Sneha has a craze for fine arts and is very much interested in photography and the melody of music especially instrumental. Although very zindadil by nature, Sneha keeps a distance from everybody and is acquainted to herself only. She loves to spend her leisures alone with her pen and notebook.

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