Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book review: Poetry Out and Loud

Title: “Poetry Out and Loud”
Publisher: Joytichandra Publication
Author: Sujata Parashar
Edition: Paperback
Price: 75 INR
Language: English
ISBN: 8190964097
EAN: 9788190964098



(as published in the taunt pen -august special issue)

About the book :

From a writer to a poet- how would you describe the transition? There stands no explanation if the writer is picking up strands of self consciousness and building up a run-about verse style simply to appeal the young generation. 

 Get hold of a subject and pen down your personal thoughts- if you got a message to deliver to your young readers- arrange it in a rhythmic pattern and your work in done. Thus the moment you pick up Sujata Parashar’s new venture- “Poetry Out & Loud”- leave aside your poetic understanding and share a bench with a school-goer in his mundane classroom. With poems like “Plurality”, “Self Awakening” and guardian angel” she is paying heed to the silent calls of the young minds who find it hard to understand the swaying of daffodils when their surroundings are getting charred by terrorist attacks. Her poems are more close to text book renditions or moral booklet page turners than your heavy weight philosophizing evergreens. Keen in her pursuit- she has made generous attempt in delving in the subjects with haunt the youth- giving them no respite from crossing the threshold the moment they have learnt to walk perhaps.

I would give the poetess a fair 3.5/5- for her thoughtful collection.

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